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Descendants of Nathaniel Mitchell

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Generation One

1. Nathaniel1Mitchell; b. 9 Aug 1739 at Litchfield, Connecticut; m. Nancy Stephenson, daughter of Edward Stephenson and Margaret McNeil; d. 1836 at Noble county, Ohio.

Children of Nathaniel1 Mitchell and Nancy Stephenson were as follows:

Generation Two

2. John2Mitchell(Nathaniel1); b. 21 Jul 1784; m. Anna Plummer, daughter of William Plummer,25 Jun 1806; d. 9 Jan 1849 at age 64.

Children of John2 Mitchell and Anna Plummer were as follows:

Generation Three

15. John Hollen3 Mitchell (John2, Nathaniel1); b. 11 Feb 1813 at Ohio; m. Caroline Baldwin, daughter of James Baldwin andRachel Perry, 12 May 1839 at Vermilion Co., Illinois; d. 11 Dec 1898 at Madison Co., IA, at age 85.

Children of John Hollen3 Mitchell and Caroline Baldwin were as follows:

17. George Flemming3 Mitchell (John2, Nathaniel1); b. 19 Jul 1819 at Washington county, Ohio; m. Mary Jane Lasley, daughter of Abram Lasley and Nancy Reynolds, 12 Jun 1846 at Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio; d. 20 Jun 1884 at Cheshire, Ohio, at age 64.

Children of George Flemming3 Mitchell and Mary Jane Lasley were as follows:

18. Timothy Buel3 Mitchell (John2, Nathaniel1); b. 5 Oct 1821; m. Eliza Blake, daughter of James Blake and Margaret Bing, 18 Apr 1843 at Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio; d. 14 Jun 1901 at age 79.

Children of Timothy Buel3 Mitchell and Eliza Blake were:

Generation Four

21. George Stevens4 Mitchell (John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 15 Oct 1841; m. Mahala Jane Payton 7 Feb 1861; d. 1923 at Long Beach, California.

Children of George Stevens4 Mitchell and Mahala Jane Payton were as follows:

22. Darius Baldwin4 Mitchell (John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 21 Apr 1842 at Vermillion Co., IL; m. Isabelle Hester, daughter of Isaac Hester and Eleanor Hannah Reynolds, 16 Oct 1862; d. 17 Aug 1919 at Adel, IA, at age 77.

Children of Darius Baldwin4 Mitchell and Isabelle Hester were as follows:

23.Rachel Ann4 Mitchell (John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 12 Jul 1844 at Vermillion Co., IL; m. Alvin Bever, son of Solomon Bever and Maria Cross, 28 May 1872; m. John Potter; d. 18 Jun 1928 at Dallas Co., IA, at age 83.

Children of Rachel Ann4 Mitchell and Alvin Bever were as follows:

There were no children of Rachel Ann4 Mitchell and John Potter.

25. William Davis4 Mitchell (John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 20 Mar 1850 at Vermillion Co., IL; m. Samantha Magdalena (Mattie) Richards, daughter ofWarner Richards and Magdalena Stonebrook, 29 Dec 1869 at DeSoto, IA; d. 1 Nov 1896 at Madison Co., IA, at age 46.

William Davis MitchellMattie Richards
William Davis Mitchell and his spouse Mattie Richards

Children of William Davis4 Mitchell and Samantha Magdalena (Mattie) Richards were as follows:

                The sons of William Davis Mitchell              Lloyd, Inez, Ward, Truman, Edith & Golden Mitchell
                                         George, Lloyd, Ward, Truman, Hollen, Golden

An early gathering of some of the descendants of William Davis Mitchell
at a Mitchell farm in Iowa

26. Sarah Jane4 Mitchell (John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 20 Mar 1850 at Vermillion Co., IL; m. James Alexander Mark, son of John Mark andMaria Jones, 23 Mar 1868; d. 1917 at Des Moines, Iowa.

Children of Sarah Jane4 Mitchell and James Alexander Mark were as follows:

31. Edward R.4 Mitchell (George3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 1 Oct 1863 at Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio; m. Hattie Patterson 9 Oct 1889; d. after 1882.

Children of Edward R.4 Mitchell and Hattie Patterson were:

Generation Five

35. Maurice Clyde5 Mitchell (George4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 5 Jul 1864; m. Jessie Mae Patterson 24 Mar 1886; d. 24 Mar 1940 at Long Beach, CA, at age 75.

Children of Maurice Clyde5 Mitchell and Jessie Mae Patterson were as follows:

36. Mott Payton5 Mitchell (George4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); m. Ida Grace Rawlins 6 Dec 1899.

Children of Mott Payton5 Mitchell and Ida Grace Rawlins were:

37. Charles Wesley5 Mitchell (Darius4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 1863 at IA; m. Maggie Lyons; d. at St. Joseph, MO.

Children of Charles Wesley5 Mitchell and Maggie Lyons were:

38. Wilberforce Lyons5 Mitchell (Darius4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 29 Nov 1868 at Iowa; m. Eleanor Isabelle Hinchon, daughter of John W. Hinchon and Jennie Joyce; d. 12 Nov 1935 at Clear Lake, IA, at age 66.

Children of Wilberforce Lyons5 Mitchell and Eleanor Isabelle Hinchon were as follows:

40. Anna Evelyn (Annie)5 Mitchell (Darius4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. after 1870; m.David Lingman 19 Jun 1907.

Children of Anna Evelyn (Annie)5 Mitchell and David Lingman were as follows:

41. Hannah Carolyn5 Mitchell (Darius4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 3 Aug 1873 at Adel, IA; m.Herbert Edwin Paul, son of Edwin Mathias Paul and Mary Elizabeth Holden, 10 Jun 1896 at Corwith, IA; d. 28 Apr 1952 at Lester Prairie, MN, at age 78.

Hannah Carolyn Mitchell Paul

Children of Hannah Carolyn5 Mitchell and Herbert Edwin Paul were:

Carolyn Mitchell Paul and son Donald Mitchell Paul

42. Emma Caroline5 Bever (Rachel4Mitchell, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); m. Samuel Harvey Sutherland; d. at Adel, IA.

Children of Emma Caroline5 Bever and Samuel Harvey Sutherland were:

44. William Alvin5 Bever (Rachel4Mitchell, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 12 Sep 1877; m. Merle Belle Spillers 16 Apr 1913; d. 29 Jul 1955 at Adel, IA, at age 77.

Children of William Alvin5 Bever and Merle Belle Spillers were as follows:

45. Franklin Clyde5 Bever (Rachel4Mitchell, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 29 Dec 1879; m. Bessie Mabel Britton, daughter of Ira H. Britton and Sarah Whipple, 5 Dec 1906 at Adel, IA; d. 6 Jun 1951 at Dallas Center, IA, at age 71.

Children of Franklin Clyde5 Bever and Bessie Mabel Britton were as follows:

46. Anna Mae5 Bever (Rachel4Mitchell, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); m. Clive Mills.

Children of Anna Mae5 Bever and Clive Mills were as follows:

49. George Merrill5 Mitchell (William4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 25 Dec 1875; m. Myrtle Roseman, daughter of Edward M. Rosemanand Margaretta Poland, 22 Feb 1899; d. 22 Oct 1944 at age 68.

50. Inez Ellen5 Mitchell (William4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 15 Oct 1879 at Van Meter, IA; m. Arthur Watrus Roland, son of George Washington Roland and Mary Faris, Feb 1900 at Van Meter, IA; d. May 1964 at Hardin Co., IA, at age 84.

Children of Inez Ellen5 Mitchell and Arthur Watrus Roland were as follows:

Lloyd and Vera Kurtz Roland

51. Ward William5 Mitchell (William4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 8 May 1880 at Van Meter, IA; m. Gertrude Grace Mckissick, daughter of William Lucas Mckissick and Mary Martice Stephens, 17 Sep 1902 at Iowa; m. Clemmie Myers; d. 9 Jun 1972 at Crawfordsville, IN, at age 92.

Ward William Mitchell and spouse Gertrude Grace McKissick - and their Certificate of marriage
Children of Ward William5 Mitchell and Gertrude Grace Mckissick were as follows:

The family of Ward William Mitchell
Russell, Thayne, Gertrude, Ward, Merrill, Jay
There were no children of Ward William5 Mitchell and Clemmie Myers.

52. Edith5Mitchell (William4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 30 Sep 1882 at Van Meter, Madison Co., IA; m. Garfield Trindle, son of George Ewing Trindle and Susan Emily Clayton, 31 Jan 1900 at Dallas Co., IA; d. 28 Sep 1972 at Polk Co., IA, at age 89.

Children of Edith5 Mitchell and Garfield Trindle were as follows:

53. John Truman5 Mitchell (William4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 31 Jan 1885 at Van Meter, IA; m. Lena Catherine Jolley, daughter of Jasper Lewis Jolley and Sarah Caroline Cook, 17 Feb 1909 at Adel, IA; d. 9 Jan 1958 at Winterset, IA, at age 72.

Children of John Truman5 Mitchell and Lena Catherine Jolley all b. at Adel, IA, were as follows:

54. Lloyd Vernon5 Mitchell (William4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 24 Jan 1889; m. Marie Levi, daughter of Frank Levi and Ida (--?--), 24 Nov 1914; d. 31 Aug 1972 at age 83. 56. Golden Charles5 Mitchell (William4, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 16 Apr 1895 at Dallas County, Iowa; m. Ruth Ann Lytle, daughter of W. D. Lytle, 18 Sep 1918 at Moline, IL; d. 20 May 1976 at Adel, IA, at age 81. 58. John Sylvester5 Mark (Sarah4Mitchell, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 15 Feb 1872 at Van Meter Co, IA; m. Orpha Walker, daughter of John W. Walker and Elizabeth Bothwell, 23 Jun 1904; d. 9 Feb 1936 at Osceola, IA, at age 63.

Children of John Sylvester5 Mark and Orpha Walker were as follows:

60. James Howard5 Mark (Sarah4Mitchell, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 27 Sep 1878; m. Laura Riemer; d. 21 Aug 1937 at Dysart, IA, at age 58.

Children of James Howard5 Mark and Laura Riemer were:

61. Otto Ray5 Mark (Sarah4Mitchell, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 25 Mar 1880; m. Eva Gertrude Bever 1 May 1901; d. 6 Jan 1962 at Adel, IA, at age 81.

Children of Otto Ray5 Mark and Eva GertrudeBever were as follows:

62. Thomas Corwin5 Mark (Sarah4Mitchell, John3, John2, Nathaniel1); b. 16 Feb 1882; m. Zella (--?--); d. 13 Jun 1958 at Richmond, CA, at age 76.

Children of Thomas Corwin5 Mark and Zella (--?--) were as follows:


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