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Ancestral Generations for Laurel Jensen Paul

Ancestors of Laurel Ramona Jensen

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Generation Two

2.Clarence Loyal2 Jensen (Elling, #4) was born on 4 Oct 1899 at Oberon, ND. He married Lillian Joanne Hovland (see #3), daughter of Jens Oluf Hovland and Anne OlsdatterSvenes, on 11 Sep 1924 at Oxbow, Saskatchewan. He died on 12 Nov 1991 at Harvey, ND, at age 92. He was buried at Esmond, ND.

3.Lillian Joanne2 Hovland (Jens, #6) was born on 7 Dec 1902 at Flaxton, ND. She married Clarence Loyal Jensen (see #2), son of EllingJensen and Hanna Christine Gullickson, on 11 Sep 1924 at Oxbow, Saskatchewan. She died on 11 Mar 1987 at Harvey, ND, at age 84. She was buried at Esmond, ND.

Generation Three

4.Elling3Jensen (Soren, #8) was born on 5 Sep 1859 at St. Paul, MN. He married Hanna ChristineGullickson (see #5), daughter of NilsGullickson and Sophie Gjerulfdtr Smekkestad, in 1883 at St. Paul, MN. He died in 1941 at Esmond, ND.
Children of Elling3 Jensen and Hanna Christine Gullickson (see #5) were as follows:

5.Hanna Christine3 Gullickson (Nils, #10) was born in 1856 at Holmestrand, Norway. She married EllingJensen (see #4), son ofSoren Jensen and Ellen Marie Ellingson, in 1883 at St. Paul, MN. She died in 1949 at Esmond, ND.

6.Jens Oluf3 Hovland (Simund, #12) was born on 21 Jun 1866 at Mazeppa, Goodhue Co., MN. He married Barbro Knutsdatter Dovre, daughter of Knute Olson Dovre andAnne Olesdtr.Skaar, on 1 May 1890 at Minneota, MN. He married Anne OlsdatterSvenes (see #7), daughter of Ole ArnesonSvenes and Ingri KnutsdatterUlvestad, on 20 Dec 1898 at Minneota, MN. He died on 24 Sep 1948 at Minneota, Lyon Co., MN, at age 82.
Children of Jens Oluf3 Hovland and Anne Olsdatter Svenes (see #7) were as follows:

7.Anne Olsdatter3 Svenes (Ole, #14) was born on 25 Aug 1869 at Svenes, Ulnes, Valdres, Norway. She married Jens Oluf Hovland (see #6), son of Simund Jensen Hovland and Ingeborg Joensdatter Rebberud, on 20 Dec 1898 at Minneota, MN. She died on 30 Dec 1947 at age 78. 

Generation Four

8.Soren4Jensen was born in 1820 at Copenhagen, Denmark. He marriedAnna (?) Unknown. He married Ellen MarieEllingson (see #9) in 1857. He died on 24 Jan 1877 at St. Paul, MN. He was buried at St. Paul, MN.
Children of Soren4 Jensen and Ellen Marie Ellingson (see #9) all born at St. Paul, MN, were as follows:

9.Ellen Marie4 Ellingson was born in 1825 at Oslo, Norway. She married Soren Jensen (see #8) in 1857. She died on 14 Nov 1906 at St. Paul, MN. She was buried at St. Paul, MN.

10.Nils4Gullickson (Gullick Haug (Grette), #16) was born on 9 Jan 1820. He married Sophie Gjerulfdtr Smekkestad (see #11). He died on 28 Jul 1905 at age 85.
Children of Nils4 Gullickson and Sophie Gjerulfdtr Smekkestad (see #11) were as follows:

11.Sophie Gjerulfdtr4 Smekkestad was born on 6 May 1820. She married Nils Gullickson (see #10), son of Gullick Anderson Haug (Grette) and Olava Nelsdtr Haug. She died on 30 Aug 1885 at age 65.

12.Simund Jensen4 Hovland (Jens, #18) was born on 10 Jul 1838 at Faaberg, Gubrandsdal, Norway. He married Ingeborg Joensdatter Rebberud (see #13), daughter of JoenEvensen (Aasane) and Ragnild Olsdt. (Rebberud), at Mazeppa, Goodhue Co., MN. He married Berit Johanson Leebakken. He died on 17 Nov 1909 at Minneota, Lyon Co., MN, at age 71.
Children of Simund Jensen4 Hovland and Ingeborg Joensdatter Rebberud (see #13) were as follows:

13.Ingeborg Joensdatter4 Rebberud (JoenEvensen (Aasane), #20) was born on 26 Oct 1832 at Flesberg, Numedal, Norway. She married Simund Jensen Hovland (see #12), son ofJens Bengston Hovland andKirsti Larsdatter Rindal, at Mazeppa, Goodhue Co., MN. She died on 2 Dec 1869 at Mazeppa, Goodhue Co., MN, at age 37.

14.Ole Arneson4 Svenes (Arne, #22) was born on 3 Nov 1825 at Ulnes, Valdres, Norway. He married Ingri Knutsdatter Ulvestad (see #15), daughter of Knut Jogerson Ulvestad and Ingri KnutsdatterOver Hande. He died on 28 Mar 1906 at Minneota, MN, at age 80.
Children of Ole Arneson4 Svenes and Ingri Knutsdatter Ulvestad (see #15) were:

15.Ingri Knutsdatter4 Ulvestad (Knut, #24) was born on 28 Oct 1830 at Ulvestad, Valdres, Norway. She married Ole Arneson Svenes (see #14), son of Arne Olson Svenes and Astrid Olsdatter Ranum. She died in 1908 at Minneota, MN. 

Generation Five

16.Gullick Anderson5 Haug (Grette) (AndersHaug, #26) was born in 1786. He married Olava NelsdtrHaug (see #17), daughter of Nils OlsonGrette and Anne AkselsdtrVale, in 1811. He died in 1838.
Children of Gullick Anderson5 Haug (Grette) and Olava Nelsdtr Haug (see #17) were as follows:

17.Olava Nelsdtr5 Haug (NilsGrette, #28) was born in 1794. She married Gullick Anderson Haug (Grette) (see #16), son of Anders Gullickson Haug and Aase Jensdatter, in 1811. She died in 1879.

18.Jens Bengston5 Hovland (BendtChistensen (Lier) (Hovland), #30) was born on 10 Dec 1804 at Norway. He married Kirsti Larsdatter Rindal (see #19), daughter of Lars Svendsen (Rindal) and Siri (Sigri) Larsdtr. Ormerud, on 27 Jun 1828. He died on 2 Feb 1884 at Zumbrota, MN, at age 79. He was buried at Zumbrota, MN.
Children of Jens Bengston5 Hovland and Kirsti Larsdatter Rindal (see #19) were as follows:

19.Kirsti Larsdatter5 Rindal (Lars(Rindal), #32) was born in 1805 at Norway. She married Jens Bengston Hovland (see #18), son of Bendt Chistensen (Lier) (Hovland) andRonnaug Goensdtr. Hovland, on 27 Jun 1828. She died at Zumbrota, MN. She was buried.

20.Joen5Evensen (Aasane) (Even Joensen (Aasane), #34) married Ragnild Olsdt. (Rebberud) (see #21), daughter of Ole Olsen (Rebberud) and Ingebor Joensdt. (Bruhaug), on 8 Oct 1818. He died at Zumbrota, MN.
Children of Joen5 Evensen (Aasane) and RagnildOlsdt. (Rebberud) (see #21) were:

21.Ragnild5 Olsdt. (Rebberud) (Ole Olsen (Rebberud), #36) marriedJoen Evensen (Aasane) (see #20), son of Even Joensen (Aasane) and Ambior Olsdt. (Haland), on 8 Oct 1818. She died on 18 Feb 1878 at Zumbrota, MN, at age 82. She was buried at Lands Cemetery.

22.Arne Olson5 Svenes (Ole, #38) was born in 1786. He married Astrid OlsdatterRanum (see #23), daughter of Ole OlsonRanum and Anne Thoresdatter, on 24 Oct 1816. He died in 1833.
Children of Arne Olson5 Svenes and Astrid Olsdatter Ranum (see #23) were as follows:

23.Astrid Olsdatter5 Ranum (Ole, #40) was born in 1797 at Nordre Rannei, Norway. She married Arne Olson Svenes (see #22), son of Ole Arneson Svenes and Sigri Knutsdatter Ormestad, on 24 Oct 1816.

24.Knut Jogerson5 Ulvestad married Ingri Knutsdatter Over Hande (see #25), daughter of Knut Jogerson Ovre Hande and IngriOlsdatter (Hande).
Children of Knut Jogerson5 Ulvestad and Ingri Knutsdatter Over Hande (see #25) were as follows:

25.Ingri Knutsdatter5 Over Hande (KnutOvre Hande, #42) was born in 1798. She married Knut Jogerson Ulvestad (see #24). 

Generation Six

26.Anders Gullickson6 Haug (Gullick, #44) was born in 1742. He married Aase Jensdatter (see #27). He died in 1825.
Children of Anders Gullickson6 Haug and Aase Jensdatter (see #27) were as follows:

27.Aase6 Jensdatter was born in 1761. She marriedAnders Gullickson Haug (see #26), son of Gullick Haug. She died in 1835.

28.Nils Olson6 Grette was born in 1769. He married Anne Akselsdtr Vale (see #29) in 1793. He died in 1845.
Children of Nils Olson6 Grette and Anne Akselsdtr Vale (see #29) were:

29.Anne Akselsdtr6 Vale was born in 1767. She married Nils Olson Grette (see #28) in 1793. She died in 1826.

30.Bendt6Chistensen (Lier) (Hovland) (Christen Lier, #45) was born on 5 Nov 1755 at Norway. He married Ronnaug Goensdtr. Hovland (see #31), daughter of Goen Johannesen Hovland and BeritIversdatter. He died in 1805.
Children of Bendt6 Chistensen (Lier) (Hovland) and Ronnaug Goensdtr. Hovland (see #31) were as follows:

31.Ronnaug Goensdtr.6 Hovland (Goen, #46) was born on 21 Mar 1773. She married Bendt Chistensen (Lier) (Hovland) (see #30), son ofChristen Lier. She marriedAmund Amundson on 20 Feb 1806.

32.Lars Svendsen6 (Rindal) (SvendUnknown, #48) was born in 1757. He married Siri (Sigri) Larsdtr.Ormerud (see #33), daughter of LarsOrmerud.
Children of Lars Svendsen6 (Rindal) and Siri (Sigri) Larsdtr. Ormerud (see #33) were as follows:

33.Siri (Sigri) Larsdtr.6 Ormerud (Lars, #49) was born on 12 Apr 1778. She married Lars Svendsen (Rindal) (see #32), son of Svend Unknown.

34.Even6Joensen (Aasane) (Joen Hansen, #50) married Ambior Olsdt. (Haland) (see #35), daughter of Ole Unknown, on 26 Sep 1790.
Children of Even6 Joensen (Aasane) and AmbiorOlsdt. (Haland) (see #35) were:

35.Ambior6 Olsdt. (Haland) (Ole Unknown, #52) was born in 1768. She marriedEven Joensen (Aasane) (see #34), son ofJoen Hansen andKari Siulsdt, on 26 Sep 1790.

36.Ole6Olsen (Rebberud) (Ole Tostensen, #53) married Ingebor Joensdt. (Bruhaug) (see #37), daughter of Joen Garson and Berit Andersdt, on 25 Feb 1795. He died on 27 Jun 1828 at Flesberg, Bskrd., Norway, at age 57.
Children of Ole6 Olsen (Rebberud) and IngeborJoensdt. (Bruhaug) (see #37) were:

37.Ingebor6 Joensdt. (Bruhaug) (Joen Garson, #55) marriedOle Olsen (Rebberud) (see #36), son of Ole Tostensen and Joran Ellefsdt. (Forlie), on 25 Feb 1795. She died on 14 Jan 1847 at Flesberg, Bskrd., Norway, at age 78.

38.Ole Arneson6 Svenes (Arne, #57) was born in 1759. He married Sigri KnutsdatterOrmestad (see #39), daughter of Knut Pederson Ormestad and Gro HaldorsdatterRingstad, in 1785 at Slire Church.
Children of Ole Arneson6 Svenes and Sigri Knutsdatter Ormestad (see #39) were as follows:

39.Sigri Knutsdatter6 Ormestad (Knut, #59) was born in 1760. She married Ole Arneson Svenes (see #38), son ofArne Olson Svenes andJorend Mogensdatter (Giron), in 1785 at Slire Church.

40.Ole Olson6 Ranum married AnneThoresdatter (see #41).
Children of Ole Olson6 Ranum and AnneThoresdatter (see #41) were:

41.Anne6 Thoresdatter marriedOle Olson Ranum (see #40).

42.Knut Jogerson6 Ovre Hande (Joger, #61) was born in 1758. He married IngriOlsdatter (Hande) (see #43). He died in 1844.
Children of Knut Jogerson6 Ovre Hande and Ingri Olsdatter (Hande) (see #43) were:

43.Ingri6 Olsdatter (Hande) was born in 1763. She marriedKnut Jogerson Ovre Hande (see #42), son of Joger Knutson Ovre Hande and Ingri Johannesdatter Ulvestad.

Generation Seven

44.Gullick7Haug (Gullick, #63).

Children of Gullick7 Haug and an unknown spouse were:

45.Christen7 Lier.
Children of Christen7 Lier and an unknown spouse were: 46.Goen Johannesen7 Hovland was born in 1743. He married Berit Iversdatter (see #47).
Children of Goen Johannesen7 Hovland and Berit Iversdatter (see #47) were: 47.Berit7 Iversdatter was born in 1746. She marriedGoen Johannesen Hovland (see #46).


Children of Svend7 Unknown and an unknown spouse were:

49.Lars7 Ormerud.
Children of Lars7 Ormerud and an unknown spouse were: 50.Joen7 Hansen (Hans Unknown, #64) marriedKari Siulsdt. (see #51), daughter ofSiul Unknown, on 11 Jul 1756.
Children of Joen7 Hansen and KariSiulsdt. (see #51) were: 51.Kari7 Siulsdt. (Siul Unknown, #65) marriedJoen Hansen (see #50), son of Hans Unknown, on 11 Jul 1756.

Children of Ole7 Unknown and an unknown spouse were:

53.Ole7 Tostensen (Tosten Olsen, #66) was born in 1731 at Flesberg, Bskrd., Norway. He marriedJoran Ellefsdt. (Forlie) (see #54), daughter ofEllef Haagensen andRagnild Pedersdtr, on 10 Apr 1767. He died in 1818.
Children of Ole7 Tostensen and JoranEllefsdt. (Forlie) (see #54) were: 54.Joran7 Ellefsdt. (Forlie) (Ellef Haagensen, #68) marriedOleTostensen (see #53), son of Tosten Olsen and Aaste Oldsdtr, on 10 Apr 1767. She died in 1813.

55.Joen7Garson (Gar Unknown, #70) married BeritAndersdt. (see #56), daughter of AndersUnknown, on 17 Jun 1767.
Children of Joen7 Garson and BeritAndersdt. (see #56) were:

56.Berit7 Andersdt. (Anders Unknown, #71) marriedJoen Garson (see #55), son of Gar Unknown, on 17 Jun 1767.

57.Arne Olson7 Svenes (Ole, #72) was born in 1728. He married JorendMogensdatter (Giron) (see #58), daughter of MogensRudlang, on 15 Oct 1753. He died in 1789.
Children of Arne Olson7 Svenes and JorendMogensdatter (Giron) (see #58) were as follows:

58.Jorend7 Mogensdatter (Giron) (MogensRudlang, #74) marriedArne Olson Svenes (see #57), son of Ole Arneson Svenes and Inge Ulnes, on 15 Oct 1753. She died before 1789.

59.Knut Pederson7 Ormestad (PederRiste, #75) was born in 1728. He married Gro HaldorsdatterRingstad (see #60), daughter of Haldor IvarsonRingstad and Sigrid Pedersdatter. He died in 1810.
Children of Knut Pederson7 Ormestad and Gro Haldorsdatter Ringstad (see #60) were:

60.Gro Haldorsdatter7 Ringstad (Haldor, #77) was born in 1725. She married Knut PedersonOrmestad (see #59), son ofPeder TolleivsonRiste andTora Engebretsdtr.Lomen. She died in 1785.

61.Joger Knutson7 Ovre Hande (KnutHande, #79) was born in 1710. He married Ingri JohannesdatterUlvestad (see #62), daughter of Johannes OlsonUlvestad and Marit Johansdatter. He died in 1768.
Children of Joger Knutson7 Ovre Hande and Ingri Johannesdatter Ulvestad (see #62) were:

62.Ingri Johannesdatter7 Ulvestad (Johannes, #81) was born in 1726. She married Joger Knutson Ovre Hande (see #61), son ofKnut Jogerson Hande andKari Halsteinsdatter Jomen.

Generation Eight

63.Gullick Torson8 Haug (Tor, #83) was born in 1650.
Children of Gullick Torson8 Haug and an unknown spouse were:

64.Hans8 Unknown.
Children of Hans8 Unknown and an unknown spouse were: 65.Siul8 Unknown.
Children of Siul8 Unknown and an unknown spouse were: 66.Tosten8 Olsen was born in 1707. He marriedAaste Oldsdtr. (see #67). He died in 1763.
Children of Tosten8 Olsen and AasteOldsdtr. (see #67) were: 67.Aaste8 Oldsdtr. marriedTosten Olsen (see #66).

68.Ellef8Haagensen married Ragnild Pedersdtr. (see #69).
Children of Ellef8 Haagensen and RagnildPedersdtr. (see #69) were:

69.Ragnild8 Pedersdtr. marriedEllef Haagensen (see #68).

Children of Gar8 Unknown and an unknown spouse were:

71.Anders8 Unknown.
Children of Anders8 Unknown and an unknown spouse were: 72.Ole Arneson8 Svenes (Arne, #85) was born in 1682. He married Inge Ulnes (see #73).
Children of Ole Arneson8 Svenes and IngeUlnes (see #73) were: 73.Inge8Ulnes marriedOle Arneson Svenes (see #72), son of Arne Olson Svenes and Ragnhild Eriksdatter.

Children of Mogens8 Rudlang and an unknown spouse were:

75.Peder Tolleivson8 Riste (Tolleiv, #87) was born in 1701. He married Tora Engebretsdtr. Lomen (see #76), daughter ofEngebret Knutson Lomen and Ragnhild Eriksdtr. He died in 1795.
Children of Peder Tolleivson8 Riste and Tora Engebretsdtr. Lomen (see #76) were: 76.Tora Engebretsdtr.8 Lomen (Engebret, #88) was born in 1707. She married Peder Tolleivson Riste (see #75), son ofTolleiv Knutson Riste. She died in 1787.

77.Haldor Ivarson8 Ringstad (Ivar, #90) was born in 1691. He married SigridPedersdatter (see #78), daughter of Peder Eivindson Lislomen and Guri ToresdatterKvien. He died in 1761.
Children of Haldor Ivarson8 Ringstad and Sigrid Pedersdatter (see #78) were:

78.Sigrid8 Pedersdatter (Peder Lislomen, #92) was born in 1709. She marriedHaldor Ivarson Ringstad (see #77), son ofIvar Haldorson Ringstad andGro Nilsdatter Hedalen. She died in 1784.

79.Knut Jogerson8 Hande (JogerSemelengje, #94) was born in 1679. He married Kari HalsteinsdatterJomen (see #80), daughter of Halsten KnutsonJomen and Sigrid OlsdatterHande. He died in 1732.
Children of Knut Jogerson8 Hande and Kari Halsteinsdatter Jomen (see #80) were:

80.Kari Halsteinsdatter8 Jomen (Halsten, #96) was born in 1681. She married Knut Jogerson Hande (see #79), son ofJoger Halvorson Semelengje andMarit (Marte) Knutsdtr. Hande. She died in 1737.

81.Johannes Olson8 Ulvestad (OleRaa (Ron), #98) was born in 1682. He married MaritJohansdatter (see #82).
Children of Johannes Olson8 Ulvestad and Marit Johansdatter (see #82) were:

82.Marit8J ohansdatter was born in 1671. She marriedJohannes Olson Ulvestad (see #81), son of Ole Johanneson Raa (Ron) and Ingri Olsdatter Majistad. She died in 1765. 

Generation Nine

83.Tor9Haug married Anne Gullicksdtr Bergen (see #84). He died in 1657.
Children of Tor9 Haug and Anne GullicksdtrBergen (see #84) were:

84.Anne Gullicksdtr9 Bergen married Tor Haug (see #83). She died in 1707.

85.Arne Olson9 Svenes (Ole, #100) was born in 1654. He married RagnhildEriksdatter (see #86), daughter of Erik Larson Midstrand. He died on 28 Nov 1721.
Children of Arne Olson9 Svenes and RagnhildEriksdatter (see #86) were as follows:

86.Ragnhild9 Eriksdatter (Erik Midstrand, #102) marriedArne Olson Svenes (see #85), son of Ole Olson Svenes and Marte (or Marit) Arnesdatter. She died circa 1705.

87.Tolleiv Knutson9 Riste (Knut, #103).
Children of Tolleiv Knutson9 Riste and an unknown spouse were:

88.Engebret Knutson9 Lomen (Knut, #104) was born in 1677. He married Ragnhild Eriksdtr. (see #89), daughter ofErik Erikson Lomen and Gro Sveinsdtr. He died in 1733.
Children of Engebret Knutson9 Lomen and Ragnhild Eriksdtr. (see #89) were: 89.Ragnhild9 Eriksdtr. (Erik Lomen, #106) was born in 1693. She marriedEngebret Knutson Lomen (see #88), son ofKnut Engebretson Lomen andTora Haldorsdtr.

90.Ivar Haldorson9 Ringstad (Haldor, #108) was born in 1671. He married Gro NilsdatterHedalen (see #91), daughter of Nils OlsonHedalen and Gro Pedersdatter Lomen. He died in 1730.
Children of Ivar Haldorson9 Ringstad and Gro Nilsdatter Hedalen (see #91) were:

91.Gro Nilsdatter9Hedalen (Nils, #110) married Ivar Haldorson Ringstad (see #90), son of Haldor Ivarsson Ringstad and Gro Gudbransdatter Melby.

92.Peder Eivindson9 Lislomen (EivindJomen, #112) was born in 1690. He married Guri ToresdatterKvien (see #93), daughter ofTore KnutsonKvien. He died in 1741.
Children of Peder Eivindson9 Lislomen and Guri Toresdatter Kvien (see #93) were:

93.Guri Toresdatter9 Kvien (Tore, #114) married Peder Eivindson Lislomen (see #92), son of Eivind Sevaldson Jomen and Sigrid Olsdatter Hande.

94.Joger Halvorson9 Semelengje (Halvor, #115) married Marit (Marte) Knutsdtr. Hande (see #95), daughter of Knut Biornson Hande.
Children of Joger Halvorson9 Semelengje and Marit (Marte) Knutsdtr. Hande (see #95) were:

95.Marit (Marte) Knutsdtr.9 Hande (Knut, #117) married Joger Halvorson Semelengje (see #94), son of Halvor Nilsson Semelengje II and Marit Knutsdatter Hande (Jogersdatter).

96.Halsten Knutson9 Jomen (KnutStee, #118) married Sigrid OlsdatterHande (see #97), daughter of Ole ThjostulsonHande and Anne G. Berge.
Children of Halsten Knutson9 Jomen and Sigrid Olsdatter Hande (see #97) were:

97.Sigrid Olsdatter9 Hande (Ole, #120) married Halsten Knutson Jomen (see #96), son ofKnut Haksteinsin Stee and Kari (Karen) Engebretsdatter Feren (Stee). She married Eivind Sevaldson Jomen. She died in 1699.

98.Ole Johanneson9 Raa (Ron) married Ingri Olsdatter Majistad (see #99), daughter of Ole Eivindson Ovre Magistad. He died in 1717.
Children of Ole Johanneson9 Raa (Ron) and Ingri Olsdatter Majistad (see #99) were:

99.Ingri Olsdatter9 Majistad (OleOvre Magistad, #122) married Knut Golikson Ulvestad. She married Ole Johanneson Raa (Ron) (see #98). She died in 1702. 

Generation Ten

100.Ole Olson10 Svenes (Ole, #123) was born in 1627. He married Marte (or Marit)Arnesdatter (see #101). He died on 18 Feb 1689.
Children of Ole Olson10 Svenes and Marte (or Marit) Arnesdatter (see #101) were as follows:

101.Marte (or Marit)10 Arnesdatter married Ole Olson Svenes (see #100), son of Ole Syverson Svenes. She died on 18 Feb 1689.

102.Erik Larson10 Midstrand.
Children of Erik Larson10 Midstrand and an unknown spouse were:

103.Knut Torgalson10Riste (TorgalRon, #124).
Children of Knut Torgalson10 Riste and an unknown spouse were: 104.Knut Engebretson10 Lomen (EngebretLomen & Riste, #126) married Tora Haldorsdtr. (see #105), daughter ofHaldor Olson Lomen.
Children of Knut Engebretson10 Lomen and Tora Haldorsdtr. (see #105) were: 105.Tora10 Haldorsdtr. (Haldor Lomen, #127) marriedKnut Engebretson Lomen (see #104), son of Engebret Knutson Lomen & Riste.

106.Erik Erikson10 Lomen married GroSveinsdtr. (see #107), daughter of Svein Engebretson Dale (Lomen).
Children of Erik Erikson10 Lomen and GroSveinsdtr. (see #107) were:

107.Gro10 Sveinsdtr. (Svein Dale (Lomen), #128) marriedErik Erikson Lomen (see #106).

108.Haldor Ivarsson10 Ringstad (Ivar, #129) was born in 1646. He married Gro GudbransdatterMelby (see #109), daughter of GudbrandGudbrandson and Gro JohannesdatterMelby. He died in 1693.
Children of Haldor Ivarsson10 Ringstad and Gro Gudbransdatter Melby (see #109) were:

109.Gro Gudbransdatter10 Melby (GudbrandGudbrandson, #131) was born in 1654. She married Haldor Ivarsson Ringstad (see #108), son of Ivar (Iffuer) Olson Ringstad and Seboir Ivarsdatter. She died in 1693.

110.Nils Olson10 Hedalen (Oluf, #133) married Gro Pedersdatter Lomen (see #111), daughter of Lomen Lomen Peder Eivindson and Sigri Eriksdtr. Lomen. He died in 1710.
Children of Nils Olson10 Hedalen and Gro Pedersdatter Lomen (see #111) were:

111.Gro Pedersdatter10Lomen (LomenLomen Peder Eivindson, #134) was born in 1667. She married Nils Olson Hedalen (see #110), son of Oluf Tolleivson Hedalen. She died in 1744.

112.Eivind Sevaldson10 Jomen was born in 1624. He married Sigrid Olsdatter Hande (see #97), daughter of Ole Thjostulson Hande and Anne G.Berge.
Children of Eivind Sevaldson10 Jomen and Sigrid Olsdatter Hande (see #97) were:

113.Sigrid Olsdatter10 Hande (Ole, #120) married Halsten Knutson Jomen (see #96), son of Knut Haksteinsin Stee and Kari (Karen) Engebretsdatter Feren (Stee). She married Eivind Sevaldson Jomen. She died in 1699.

114.Tore Knutson10 Kvien (Knut, #138) was born in 1614.
Children of Tore Knutson10 Kvien and an unknown spouse were:

115.Halvor Nilsson10 SemelengjeII (NilsSimelengje, #140) was born in 1614. He married Marit Knutsdatter Hande (Jogersdatter) (see #116).
Children of Halvor Nilsson10 SemelengjeII and Marit Knutsdatter Hande (Jogersdatter) (see #116) were: 116.Marit Knutsdatter10 Hande (Jogersdatter) married Halvor Nilsson Semelengje II (see #115), son of Nils Jenson Simelengje and Magdelon Andersdatter.

117.Knut Biornson10 Hande was born in 1614.
Children of Knut Biornson10 Hande and an unknown spouse were:

118.Knut Haksteinsin10 Stee married Kari (Karen) Engebretsdatter Feren (Stee) (see #119), daughter of Engebret Knutson Feren and Barbro Arnesdatter Store Kvaale.
Children of Knut Haksteinsin10 Stee and Kari (Karen) Engebretsdatter Feren (Stee) (see #119) were: 119.Kari (Karen) Engebretsdatter10 Feren (Stee) (EngebretFeren, #142) married Knut Haksteinsin Stee (see #118).

120.Ole Thjostulson10 Hande (Thjostul, #144) was born in 1648. He married Anne G.Berge (see #121), daughter of Guttorm Larsson Berge and Gunhild NilsdatterKvaale.
Children of Ole Thjostulson10 Hande and Anne G. Berge (see #121) were:

121.Anne G.10 Berge (Guttorm, #145) was born in 1630. She married Ole Thjostulson Hande (see #120), son ofThjostul Gudleikson Hande. She died in 1731.

122.Ole Eivindson10 Ovre Magistad.
Children of Ole Eivindson10 Ovre Magistad and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Eleven

123.Ole Syverson11 Svenes was born in 1600. He died in 1635.
Children of Ole Syverson11 Svenes and an unknown spouse were as follows:

124.Torgal Johanneson11 Ron (Johannes, #147) was born in 1650. He married Jaatru Pedersdtr. Hamre (see #125), daughter ofPeder Knutson Hamre andBarbro Johannsdtr. Riste. He died in 1749.
Children of Torgal Johanneson11 Ron and Jaatru Pedersdtr. Hamre (see #125) were: 125.Jaatru Pedersdtr.11 Hamre (Peder, #148) was born in 1646. She married Torgal Johanneson Ron (see #124), son ofJohannes Halsteinson Ron. She died in 1747.

126.Engebret Knutson11 Lomen & Riste (KnutRiste, #150) was born in 1605.
Children of Engebret Knutson11 Lomen & Riste and an unknown spouse were:

127.Haldor Olson11 Lomen.
Children of Haldor Olson11 Lomen and an unknown spouse were: 128.Svein Engebretson11 Dale (Lomen) (EngebretDale, #152) was born in 1628.
Children of Svein Engebretson11 Dale (Lomen) and an unknown spouse were: 129.Ivar (Iffuer) Olson11 Ringstad (OluffIvarson (Lomen), #153) married Seboir Ivarsdatter (see #130).
Children of Ivar (Iffuer) Olson11 Ringstad and Seboir Ivarsdatter (see #130) were: 130.Seboir11 Ivarsdatter marriedIvar (Iffuer) Olson Ringstad (see #129), son ofOluff Ivarson (Lomen) andJaatrud Samsondatter.

131.Gudbrand11Gudbrandson was born in 1604. He married Gro JohannesdatterMelby (see #132), daughter of Johannes NilssonMelby. He died in 1671.
Children of Gudbrand11 Gudbrandson and Gro Johannesdatter Melby (see #132) were:

132.Gro Johannesdatter11 Melby (Johannes, #155) married Gudbrand Gudbrandson (see #131).

133.Oluf Tolleivson11 Hedalen (TolleivHedalen (Hegge), #156) was born in 1608.
Children of Oluf Tolleivson11 Hedalen and an unknown spouse were:

134.Lomen11 Lomen Peder Eivindson (EivindLomen, #157) was born in 1642. He marriedSigri Eriksdtr. Lomen (see #135), daughter ofErik Knutson Lomen andHelga Olsdatter Ellestad.
Children of Lomen11 Lomen Peder Eivindson and Sigri Eriksdtr. Lomen (see #135) were: 135.Sigri Eriksdtr.11 Lomen (Erik, #158) married Lomen Lomen Peder Eivindson (see #134), son of Eivind Olson Lomen.

136.Ole Thjostulson11 Hande (Thjostul, #144) was born in 1648. He married Anne G.Berge (see #121), daughter of Guttorm LarssonBerge andGunhild NilsdatterKvaale.
Children of Ole Thjostulson11 Hande and Anne G. Berge (see #121) were:

137.Anne G.11 Berge (Guttorm, #145) was born in 1630. She married Ole Thjostulson Hande (see #120), son ofThjostul Gudleikson Hande. She died in 1731.

138.Knut11Kvien married Gro Tronsdatter (Kjos) (see #139).
Children of Knut11 Kvien and GroTronsdatter (Kjos) (see #139) were:

139.Gro11Tronsdatter (Kjos) marriedKnut Kvien (see #138).

140.Nils Jenson11 Simelengje (JensSemelengje (Simling), #163) married MagdelonAndersdatter (see #141). He died in 1645.
Children of Nils Jenson11 Simelengje and Magdelon Andersdatter (see #141) were:

141.Magdelon11 Andersdatter marriedNils Jenson Simelengje (see #140), son ofJens Nilson Semelengje (Simling).

142.Engebret Knutson11 Feren married Barbro Arnesdatter Store Kvaale (see #143). He died in 1672.
Children of Engebret Knutson11 Feren and Barbro Arnesdatter Store Kvaale (see #143) were:

143.Barbro Arnesdatter Store11 Kvaale married Engebret Knutson Feren (see #142).

144.Thjostul Gudleikson11 Hande.
Children of Thjostul Gudleikson11 Hande and an unknown spouse were:

145.Guttorm Larsson11 Berge was born in 1584. He married Gunhild Nilsdatter Kvaale (see #146), daughter of Nils Jogerson Kvaale and Sigrid Arnesdatter.
Children of Guttorm Larsson11 Berge and Gunhild Nilsdatter Kvaale (see #146) were: 146.Gunhild Nilsdatter11 Kvaale (Nils, #164) was born in 1584. She married Guttorm Larsson Berge (see #145). 

Generation Twelve

147.Johannes Halsteinson12 Ron.
Children of Johannes Halsteinson12 Ron and an unknown spouse were:

148.Peder Knutson12 Hamre married Barbro Johannsdtr. Riste (see #149).
Children of Peder Knutson12 Hamre and Barbro Johannsdtr. Riste (see #149) were: 149.Barbro Johannsdtr.12 Riste married Peder Knutson Hamre (see #148).

150.Knut Gunnarson12 Riste married Marit Anfinsdatter Kaarastad (see #151).
Children of Knut Gunnarson12 Riste and Marit Anfinsdatter Kaarastad (see #151) were:

151.Marit Anfinsdatter12 Kaarastad married Knut Gunnarson Riste (see #150).

152.Engebret Nilson12 Dale.
Children of Engebret Nilson12 Dale and an unknown spouse were:

153.Oluff12 Ivarson (Lomen) marriedJaatrud Samsondatter (see #154).
Children of Oluff12 Ivarson (Lomen) and Jaatrud Samsondatter (see #154) were: 154.Jaatrud12 Samsondatter marriedOluff Ivarson (Lomen) (see #153).

155.Johannes Nilsson12 Melby.
Children of Johannes Nilsson12 Melby and an unknown spouse were:

156.Tolleiv12 Hedalen (Hegge).
Children of Tolleiv12 Hedalen (Hegge) and an unknown spouse were: 157.Eivind Olson12 Lomen.
Children of Eivind Olson12 Lomen and an unknown spouse were: 158.Erik Knutson12 Lomen married Helga Olsdatter Ellestad (see #159).
Children of Erik Knutson12 Lomen and Helga Olsdatter Ellestad (see #159) were: 159.Helga Olsdatter12 Ellestad married Erik Knutson Lomen (see #158).

160.Thjostul Gudleikson12 Hande.
Children of Thjostul Gudleikson12 Hande and an unknown spouse were:

161.Guttorm Larsson12 Berge was born in 1584. He married Gunhild Nilsdatter Kvaale (see #146), daughter of Nils Jogerson Kvaale and Sigrid Arnesdatter.
Children of Guttorm Larsson12 Berge and Gunhild Nilsdatter Kvaale (see #146) were: 162.Gunhild Nilsdatter12 Kvaale (Nils, #164) was born in 1584. She married Guttorm Larsson Berge (see #145).

163.Jens Nilson12 Semelengje (Simling).
Children of Jens Nilson12 Semelengje (Simling) and an unknown spouse were:

164.Nils Jogerson12 Kvaale married Sigrid Arnesdatter (see #165).
Children of Nils Jogerson12 Kvaale and SigridArnesdatter (see #165) were: 165.Sigrid12 Arnesdatter marriedNils Jogerson Kvaale (see #164). 

Generation Thirteen

166.Nils Jogerson13 Kvaale married SigridArnesdatter (see #165).
Children of Nils Jogerson13 Kvaale and SigridArnesdatter (see #165) were:

167.Sigrid13 Arnesdatter marriedNils Jogerson Kvaale (see #164).


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