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Descendants of Jens Jakobsen

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Generation One

1. Jens1 Jakobsen; m. Maren Pedersdatter.

Children of Jens1 Jakobsen and Maren Pedersdatter were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Soren2 Jensen (Jens1Jakobsen); b. 24 Oct 1819 at Village of Orby, Island of Samso; m. Anna (--?--); d. 24 Jan 1877 at St. Paul, MN, at age 57.

Children of Soren2 Jensen and Anna (--?--) both b. at Copenhagen were as follows:

Children of Soren2 Jensen and Ellen Marie Ellingson all b. at St. Paul, MN, were as follows:

Generation Three

4. John Christian3 Jensen (Soren2, Jens1Jakobsen); b. 1845 at Copenhagen; m. Peterina Beck; d. 1929 at St. Paul, Minnesota.

Children of John Christian3 Jensen and Peterina Beck were as follows:

5. Anna Mathilde3 Jensen (Soren2, Jens1Jakobsen); b. 20 Dec 1847 at Copenhagen; m. Andrew Emil Oleson Foss 5 Sep 1874 at Copper Harbor Township, Keweenaw County, MI; d. 29 Dec 1932 at River Falls, Wisconsin, at age 85.

Children of Anna Mathilde3 Jensen and Andrew Emil Oleson Foss were as follows:

6. Elling3Jensen (Soren2, Jens1Jakobsen); b. 5 Sep 1859 at St. Paul, MN; m. Hanna Christine Gullickson, daughter of Nils Gullickson and Sophie Gjerulfdtr Smekkestad, 8 May 1883 at Polk, Wisconsin; d. 12 May 1941 at Esmond, ND, at age 81.

Elling JensenElling JensenElling & Hannah Jensen
                 Elling Jensen                                         Elling Jensen                          Elling & Hannah Gullickson Jensen
               in Christiana, Norway

Children of Elling3 Jensen and Hanna Christine Gullickson were as follows:

Stella & Mabel JensenHarold JensenElward JensenClarence Jensen
        Stella & Mabel Jensen                              Harold Jensen                               Elward Jensen            Clarence Jensen

Clarence JensenClarence JensenGladys JensenClarence & Lillian Jensen's 40th Anniversary
           Clarence Jensen                    Clarence Jensen                         Gladys Jensen               Clarence & Lillian Hovland
                                                                                                                                                 Jensen 40th Anniversary

7. Andrew3Jensen (Soren2, Jens1Jakobsen); b. 1 Jan 1862 at St. Paul, MN; m. Martha (Mattie) Ida Kittelson 18 Oct 1882 at St. Paul, MN; d. 17 Nov 1940 at Oakland, CA, at age 78.

Children of Andrew3 Jensen and Martha (Mattie) Ida Kittelson were as follows:

8. Mathias3Jensen (Soren2, Jens1Jakobsen); b. 1865 at St. Paul, MN; m. Laura Ellingson; d. 12 Sep 1915 at St. Paul, MN.

Children of Mathias3 Jensen and Laura Ellingson were:



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