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Descendants of Tor Haug (Gullickson family line)

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Generation One

1. Tor1 Haug; m. Anne Gullicksdtr Bergen; d. 1657.
Children of Tor1 Haug and Anne Gullicksdtr Bergen were:

Generation Two

2. Gullick Torson2 Haug (Tor1); b. 1650.
Children of Gullick Torson2 Haug include:

Generation Three

3. Gullick3 Haug (Gullick2, Tor1).
Children of Gullick3 Haug include:

Generation Four

4. Anders Gullickson4 Haug (Gullick3, Gullick2, Tor1); b. 1742; m. Aase Jensdatter; d. 1825.
Children of Anders Gullickson4 Haug and Aase Jensdatter were as follows:

Generation Five

7. Gullick Anderson5 Haug (Grette) (Anders4Haug, Gullick3, Gullick2, Tor1); b. 1786; m. Olava Nelsdtr Haug, daughter of Nils Olson Grette and Anne Akselsdtr Vale, 1811; d. 1838.
Children of Gullick Anderson5 Haug (Grette) and Olava Nelsdtr Haug were as follows:

Generation Six

10. Nils6 Gullickson (Gullick5Haug (Grette), Anders4Haug, Gullick3, Gullick2, Tor1); b. 9 Jan 1820; m. Sophie Gjerulfdtr Smekkestad; d. 28 Jul 1905 at age 85.
Children of Nils6 Gullickson and Sophie Gjerulfdtr Smekkestad were as follows:

Generation Seven

20. Hanna Christine7 Gullickson (Nils6, Gullick5Haug (Grette), Anders4Haug, Gullick3, Gullick2, Tor1); b. 1856 at Holmestrand; m. Elling Jensen, son of Soren Jensen and Ellen Marie Ellingson, 1883 at St. Paul, MN; d. 1949 at Esmond, ND.

Hannah Christine GullicksonElling Jensen
Hannah Christine Gullickson and Elling Jensen

Children of Hanna Christine7 Gullickson and Elling Jensen were as follows:


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